Editing Challenge Day 21: Read Your Favorite Sentences


This is a new part of my 30-Day Editing Challenge. Start at the beginning or find other days here.

It’s Sunday again, editors, which means it’s time for a little bit of rest on the editing quest. But not complete rest! Sunday is a wonderful day to immerse yourself in the pleasure of reading and of words and sentences, so you’ll return to your work on Monday refreshed and inspired. Today, my assignment is for you to look at your bookshelf, open a few old favorites and re-visit some of your favorite sentences.

Some writers do this almost as a way of casting a spell, or perhaps marinating in the rhythms and music of others. I know some writers who began their own journeys by diligently copying down the sentences of their favorite authors, hoping the habit of writing great sentences would sink in this way. So today, take a look at some beautiful sentences, and simply enjoy them. To get you started, here are a few lists of beautiful sentences in the English language:

51 of the Most Beautiful Sentences in Literature

The 50 Best First Sentences in Fiction

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