Query Letter/Proposal Editing

The manuscript is ready to head out the door — but how do you get agents to want to read it? It’s time to polish that query letter or book proposal so that your manuscript makes it past the first gatekeepers of the publishing world. A query letter consult will receive an in-depth edit of … Read more

First Chapter Consult

Many agents and editors only want to read the first chapter of a manuscript before they decide whether they’re interested. Give your manuscript the best foot forward with an in-depth consult of the first chapter of your work. If you purchase a first chapter consult, you’ll receive a comprehensive letter of your manuscript chapter’s strengths … Read more

Content Editing

Struggling with line-by-line questions of language, music and mood? Seeking big-picture manuscript advice? Content Editing is a comprehensive examination of your writing, including line-by-line edits of your manuscript or story, with feedback on language, style, voice, and clarity. I’ll highlight strengths and weaknesses of the language and offer suggestions for focusing and honing the power … Read more

Manuscript Consulting

Before sending out a manuscript to editors or agents, writers can benefit from a thorough, in-depth critique of their work. A manuscript consult includes a close reading of your work and a thorough letter analyzing the strengths and weaknesses, including discussion of story arc, plot trajectory, character development and believability, language and voice, and suspense. … Read more